About Montezuma Costa Rica

Montezuma is a small and very particular village in the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in the Costa Rican Pacific coast. A small town surrounded by lush nature: 7 different beaches each of them with its particular charm, 6 refreshing rivers and streams, variety of waterfalls (Villa Pochote is located just 10 minutes walk from the famous Montezuma River’s waterfalls), forests and lots of wildlife. A magnetic and magic place!

Montezuma Costa Rica

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In Montezuma town, just 1.5 Kms from Villa Pochote, you will find: two small but well-stocked supermarkets, an ATM machine, a book store, 17 restaurants with a variety of cuisines (Costa Rican, Japanese, Arabic, Mediterranean, vegetarian, organic …) a delicious Italian “Gelateria”, 10 clothing stores and souvenir shops, a cinema, 4 yoga studios, 3 spas, an organic market on Saturday morning in the playground … so! Everything you need to have a wonderful vacation.

You can also enjoy trips to Tortuga Island, horseback riding on beaches or mountains, guided tours to the Reserves and National Parks and canopy upon the Montezuma River and its waterfalls.

If you would like to take advantage of your vacations to learn something new, you may take Spanish or Italian courses get your international scuba diving license or enter into the exciting world of surfing.

If you prefer something quieter and tranquil, you can enjoy yoga classes in one of the Montezuma Studios or attend a private guided class, or a bodywork session, or a yoga-river session in Piedra Colorada, or a powerful and relaxing walk to Playa Grande, or Thai, relaxing or hot stone massages, everything you need to really relax and unwind!

The following is a text about the recent history of Montezuma:

Just 50 years ago Montezuma was the output port of all agricultural production of the highlands that surround it, the old people talk about the oxcarts parades that formed every launch’s day, as they called the days in which the boat came from Puntarenas. A small, clean and quiet harbor, framed by the most authentic and alive nature …

In the mid-70’s the road that connect Cóbano with Paquera was built, so Montezuma was no longer a port and became a wonderful and truly magical fishing village.

Just 30 years ago Montezuma was a lovely place on the planet, located at the foot of two huge cliffs, from where six small and large rivers come down, all of them full of ponds, and waterfalls; eight different and fascinating beaches, sand whose nuances ranging from the ivory in Las Manchas to the particularly dark gray of Playa Grande, beautiful and lush forests that are home to many native species as: raccoons, anteaters, squirrels, agoutis, hammers, deer, peccaries, howler and capuchin , ocelots, agoutis and tayras, to name some of them … all living together in the most perfect harmony …

All of this attracted the first foreigners who could not resist the magnetism and fascination exerted on them and stayed forever in Montezuma…

Don Nicolas and Doña Karen, Swedish and Danish respectively, they founded the first protected area in Costa Rica: The Absolute Nature Reserve of Cabo Blanco which gave rise to other protected areas that make that Costa Rica has today 25% of its territory under some form of protection.

Albert and Gitza followed them, he American and she Italian; acquired many lands, he for conservation and research of a kind of grape that could be produced in the tropics, to which he devoted much of his life, she for animal husbandry that was one of her great passions. To those first four foreigners whose bodies abandoned us, but whose spirits inhabit the mountains, rivers, vineyards, cattle fields and beaches so often walked, Montezuma is grateful today for having the entire area between Piedra Colorada and Cocalito in protection schemes.

Montezuma gradually began to be visited first by dancers, painters, musicians … all kinds of costarricans artists and bohemians, after by foreigners: Italian, German, Spanish, Greek, American, Dutch, Swiss, Danish, Austrian, Argentine, Colombian , Peruvian, Uruguayan … who were also captives of the magic of this place …

Montezuma is today a very special place, its cosmopolitan little town has a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy many activities … and just a few steps away from down town, you discover: 8 wonderful and different beaches, four fresh water rivers with delicious, invigorating or caressing waterfalls, mountains with every imaginable shade of green, starry skies and beaches lit by the light of the full moon and miles of mountains, rivers and beaches protected, still inhabited by flora and fauna from this wonderful little corner of the planet …

Text by: Rebeca Quesada Güell. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced in whole or in part. Last update, February 28, 2013.